To read, register and participate (TO BE UPDATED)

=== To read === You can read the posted messages, look at the objectives of the forum and the introductory messages for different subjects. === To register === To participate, you must first register, following these four steps. If the French framework is difficult for you to understand, an English forum was created for this purpose at: It will allow you to see the meaning of the elements of framework but to write on the forum, please do so on the jepermaculture site. A) In the top of the screen, click on “S’enregister”. Read the rules that apply to every forum hosted by forumactif. Every person willing to participate must click “J’accepte le règlement” (“I accept the rules”) at the bottom of this page. B) Choose a user name, either your first name or a pseudonym. Enter a valid email, choose a password and confirm the password. Then, you can enter your user profile and preferences. There are many options to choose from, but the only information that the forum manager requires from you, is your “localisation” : the city, the neighbourhood (if in Montreal) or the region where you live. This information will be helpful if there are neighbourhood-specific activities, such as visits to community groups that work in food distribution or a study of the local food markets in specific neighbourhoods. If you are from outside Montreal, we wish to know where you are from in case we organise an activity in your region, in case we need information on foods produced in your region, etc... To the other questions in the Profile/Preferences page, you can choose to, or not to, answer. C) You will receive a confirmation email from forumactif.jepermaculture. Click on the hyperlink provided in this email to activate your account. All of this, of course, is free. D) Come back to the forum, click on “Connection” in the upper left corner of the screen, enter your name and password and: there you go, you’re a member! You can then add a visual element to your name that will appear in every message you post: the “avatar” . In your profile page (link on the upper left corner of the screen), visit the avatar’s page (click on the last button at the bottom of the page). Choose an image that is not yet in use. You can also download an image from the internet or your computer. For more information (in french): === To compose === The messages can be in french and/or english. Write in the language of your choice. === To translate === To have a forum in two languages is to give the opportunity to people from different cultural backgrounds, with different experiences, to share. You can thus translate your messages, give bilingual references, or write in only one language: others may eventually translate your message (a team of volunteers could come in handy). If you are interested in helping out with the translation of this forum, mail me at mikebro_99[at]yahoo [dot] com Michael


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